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Ceud Mìle Fàilte! - Welcome to our website!

It is my privilege and pleasure, on behalf of our Clan Chief, Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland, the Officers, Executive Council, Adjunct Officers and Members of the Clan Sutherland Society of North America, to welcome you to our web page.

I hope, that as you look at the items that are available on our web site, you will find many items that are of interest to you. If questions should arise concerning the contents of this site, please feel free to bring them to the attention of any of the officers or members of the Society. We hope this site will acquaint visitors with our history and goals. If you are a Sutherland or a member of one of our septs, I extend to you my personal invitation to join the Clan Sutherland Society of North America.

Thank you very much for visiting with us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Aye,
George W. "Bill" Sutherland
Clan Sutherland Society of North America, Inc.

  Sutherland by MacIan      "Sutherland"

An engraving from R. R. McIan's
Costumes in the Clans of Scotland
originally published in
Glasgow, Scotland, 1845.



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